Mo, 08. Mär. 2021   Lehrstuhl SO

Publication in Health Care Management Science

Managing Admission and Discharge Processes in Intensive Care Units

The paper "Managing Admission and Discharge Processes in Intensive Care Units" written by Jie BAi (Technical University of Munich), Prof. Dr. Andreas Fügener (University of Cologne), Jochen Gönsch, Prof. Dr. Jens Brunner (University of Augsburg), and Prof. Dr. Manfred Blobner (Technical University of Munich) has been accepted at Health Care Management Science. This paper discusses the trade-off between medical and monetary goals when manageing intensive care units (ICU) by modelling the problem as a Markov decision process (dynamic program). In a numerical study based on real-world data, they demonstrate that the medical results deterioriate dramatically when focusing on monetary goals only, and vice versa. Using the model, they illustrate the trade-off along an efficiency frontier that accounts for all combinations of medical and monetary goals.