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In many of the business areas of freefloating Car-Sharing providers, there is often an imbalance in demand in terms of both space and time, which results in particular challenges for Car-Sharing providers. For example, on a working day, the demand for trips to the city in the morning is relatively high, whereas on a Sunday morning it is rather low. This results in the following challenges:

  1. There are areas with a large number of vehicles and areas with few vehicles
  2. There are some vehicles that are not used for a longer period of time (often in the outer areas of cities)
  3. There are zones with high demand but few vehicles

These challenges are currently being met with complex and expensive relocation (drives for repositioning are carried out by own staff).


May 2018 – April 2020


Development of suitable methods for optimal pricing in order to achieve a balanced system even with fewer drives for repositioning.

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