Business Partnerships

In research and teaching, we seek to answer economically and socially relevant questions from the service sector using quantitative methods. Through cooperations with industry, we want to make our competences in the field of service operations available to practice. At the same time, we receive valuable input to identify new research questions. Therefore, we are looking forward to new contacts at any time. Below we have collected some information for you, please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested or have any questions.

Forms of cooperation

Among others, the following forms of cooperations have been used with our partners:

Guest lectures
▪ Communicating the practical perspective to our students
▪ Direct appraoch of candidates for final thesis
▪ Positioning as an employer (internships, entering the company)
▪ For previous guest lectures see activities

Supervision of Bachelor's/Master's theses  
▪ Evaluation of simple concepts for industry use
▪ Implementation of smaller projects
▪ Examples of selected master's theses in practice

Placement of interns & graduates
▪ Unique, quantitatively oriented education of business administration students at the MSM
▪ Sound knowledge of analytical methods

Establishment of research cooperations
▪ „View from outside" and sparring partner
▪ Availability of relevant research results
▪ Support during transfer into practice
▪ Identification of new research questions of practical relevance
▪ Publication of scientifically relevant results

Implementation of industrial projects
▪ Specific further development of the latest scientific findings
▪ Design of individual solutions
▪ For example: Share Now

Implementation of third-party funded projects
▪ Individual approaches based on the latest scientific state-of-the-art and standard methods
▪ Design of individual solutions
▪ For example: CONUS


    Analytics Working Group

    In addition, we recommend all interested parties to participate in the Analytics working group, which was founded by Prof. Dr. Gönsch in 2014 as a part of the German Operations Research Society (GOR e.V.). With about 70 participants on a regular basis, this working group has established itself as an independent platform for networking between people from industry and academia. [Working Group Analytics].