The research of the chair answers economically and socially relevant questions from the service sector with the help of quantitative methods (see Research Topics). For this we use methods of Operations Research. The developed models and methods consider dedicately the interface between supplier and customer. Cooperation with industry partners opens up new perspectives and provides valuable impulses. Through the generalisation of the problem and its feedback with practice, the research question becomes relevant beyond the individual case. Based on the current literature, we then develop appropriate optimization models and investigate their theoretical properties and suitability for practical use.

Publications in leading international peer-reviewed scientific journals document the research work and make it visible to the public (see Publications). In addition, regular presentations at scientific conferences enable the exchange with other researchers. Presentations at conferences and cooperation with companies support the transfer into industry (see Conferences & Workshops). In other respects, the Chair is actively involved in university doctoral programmes, workshops and working groups (see Networking). 

Information regarding our applied research as well as public and privately founded projects with industry is available under Business Partnerships.