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Buying Used Products for Remanufacturing: Negotiating or Posted Pricing

Gönsch, J.
Titel der Zeitschrift:
Journal of Business Economics (Zeitschrift für Betriebswirtschaft)
Jahrgang (Veröffentlichung):
84 (2014)
Digital Object Identifier (DOI):
Buying Used Products for Remanufacturing: Negotiating or Posted Pricing (915 KB)
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Product reclamation is a critical process in remanufacturing. It is generally assumed in the literature that customers simply want to get rid of their used products without expecting any compensation for them. Some authors have only recently started looking into firms that offer a posted (fixed) price for them. Following recent reports suggesting that customers are increasingly open to bargaining, we compare using a posted price and bargaining to obtain used products. In our analysis, we consider an original manufacturer acting as a monopolist as well as a manufacturer and an independent remanufacturer acting in a duopoly. We analytically show that bargaining is always beneficial to the monopoly manufacturer. In the duopoly case, we distinguish a Cournot competition and a market with the manufacturer as Stackelberg leader. The results of a numerical study show that both firms will use posted pricing in the Cournot competition, especially if bargaining is not costless. By contrast, the remanufacturer can significantly increase his profit by using negotiations if he is the Stackelberg follower.