Christian Müller

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter

Christian Müller, M.Sc.

LC 011a
+49 203 37-94313
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Universität Duisburg-Essen
Mercartor School of Management
Lehrstuhl für Betriebswirtschaftslehre, insbesondere Service Operations
Lotharstraße 65
47057 Duisburg


seit 04/2017:

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter am Lehrstuhl für Betriebswirtschaftslehre, insb. Service Operations


  • Christian Müller, Jochen Gönsch: Simulation zur Evaluation der Optimierung eines Bikesharing-Systems. In: Matthias Putz, Andreas Schlegel (Hrsg.): Simulation in Produktion und Logistik 2019. Wissenschaftliche Scripten, Auerbach 2019, S. 519-530. VolltextBIB DownloadDetails

    Bike sharing has been introduced in many cities, often by municipalities and is nowadays an established alternative for other short-distance transport systems. However, in cities with high elevations, the usual bike-sharing systems face a severe problem. Resulting from an imbalance of demand, the number of bikes at stations at elevated locations decreases during the day, while it increases at stations at lower locations. This situation poses a challenge for the relocation process because high numbers of bicycles have to be transported to the stations at elevated locations in order to achieve a suitable starting point for the next period. With the usage of e-bike sharing-systems, this problem can be circumvented because e-bikes facilitate the mobility in elevated and steep terrains. This paper considers an e-bike sharing-system with removable batteries. In the first step, a deterministic Mixed-Integer Linear Program (MILP) calculates the optimal route for trucks and the optimal initial distribution of bikes. In the second step, a stochastic simulation should evaluate these results.


  • Müller, Christian: Dynamic Pricing in Shared Mobility Systems, EURO ATHEN 2021, 13.07.2021, online. Details
  • Müller, Christian: Customer-centric dynamic pricing for freefloating carsharing, Pricing Workshop, 10.05.2021, online. Details
  • Christian Müller, Matthias Soppert: Pricing for Shared Mobility Systems, Intensiv-Workshop Operations Research 2019, 08.10.2019, Würzburg. Details
  • Müller, Christian: Simulation zur Evaluation der Optimierung eines Bikesharing-Systems, 18. ASIM Fachtagung: Simulation in Produktion und Logistik, 19.09.2019, Chemnitz. Details
  • Müller, Christian: Price list optimization for freefloating carsharing, Operations Research Conference 2019, 05.09.2019, Dresden. Details
  • Christian Müller, Matthias Soppert: Price list optimization for car-sharing, 4. Pricing Workshop, 05.12.2018, Obergurgl. Details
  • Müller, Christian: Optimization of an e-bike-sharing-system with dynamic relocation, Operations Research Conference 2018, 12.09.2018, Brüssel. Details
  • Müller, Christian: Shared Mobility: E-Bike-Sharing, BKM Doctoral Workshop, 24.07.2018, Kingston Business School, London. Details
  • Müller, Christian: Shared Mobility: E-Bike-Sharing, 28. Quantitative BWL, 14.03.2018, Odenwald. Details
  • Müller, Christian: Shared Mobility: E-Bike-Sharing, Intensiv-Workshop Operations Research 2017, 04.10.2017, Würzburg. Details